"The REACH Center is prepared to work with clients in developing a staff development plan to meet client needs with an affordable cost structure." -David Koyama

Generally, there are four types of costs: (1) training fee , (2) travel expenses, (3) materials, and (4) shipping expenses. Costs will vary according to the number of participants, trainers, and further client commitment. REACH also offers Evaluation and Follow-up sessions to training & implementation. All costs are negotiated through the REACH Center.

All REACH programs include a professional development component, normally two days (click here for a list of workshop components). The elementary, middle/junior high, and high school levels have separate curriculum guides; for more information on these materials visit our online catalog.

Meaningful Professional Development Programs

Institutes for Building Cultural Competency. These 2-day curriculum-based workshops are open to all educators who want to explore and create learning experiences which empower students to honor human diversity. During these sessions, participants explore basic principles through a combination of hands-on activities and lectures, hear special presentations centered on understanding prejudice and racism, and experience effective cultural awareness strategies that value diversity. Follow-up sessions provide instructional coaching to assist teachers in making their curriculum and classrooms more inclusive and inviting to all students.

Leadership for Diversity in Administration and School District Personnel. During these sessions, all participants explore basic diversity principles that establish positive leadership skills.

Student Leadership for Diversity. Specialized Workshops designed for young people interested in becoming proactive citizens for diversity and social justice. After these sessions, youth participants are able to conduct peer-to-peer support and intervention strategies, in addition to planning, implementing and overseeing future leadership/diversity activities for their peers, educators and/or community members.

School/Community Forum. A one-day community forum involves business and parent groups. Students, educators, and community leaders work together to design strategies which promote diversity initiatives, support cultural competence and establish positive multicultural environments in schools as well as in the community.

REACH Training of Trainers:
Intensive seminars are made available each year for individuals who have previously attended a REACH training and want to become trained service providers. Successful completion of the seminar is the first step towards certification as a REACH trainer. Other steps include curriculum implementation, co-training, and lead training. The Center encourages districts to consider developing a local team of REACH trainers to save money and provide on-going support.

Consulting Services

We offer consultation in the following areas: