The goals of the REACH Center's materials are to increase students' awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of others different from themselves. The REACH Center has developed numerous materials toward this end; and to support educators, REACH also conducts training workshops to help them prepare students to live effectively and positively in a culturally pluralistic world.

REACH for Kids (RFK):
Elementary level. If teachers were infusing multicultural/global concepts into their regular curriculum, what might it look like? The RFK seed curriculum provides teachers with a practical model and classroom-proven lessons for immediate application. These lessons are keyed off of the national social studies scope and are meant to be a part of the school's existing curriculum.
Project REACH (PR):
Middle/Junior high level. A real winner; the U.S. Department of Education declared Project REACH "an exemplary program!" It was disseminated as a part of the National Diffusion Network. PR has been evaluated through the D.O.E.'s office of Educational Research and Innovation (OERI) and validated as improving student's knowledge and acceptance of others from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
High School Reach (HSR):
How can secondary teachers increase the multicultural content in their lessons? Teachers are shown a staff development process using multicultural concept infusion. Educators practice with their own lessons material. To assist, there is a teacher's guide filled with examples created by other instructors covering a myriad of subject areas, including business, mathematics, and science.
Building Global Bridges (BGB):
Middle/ Junior high level. This recently developed curriculum is an exciting addition to support the basic principles that (1) everyone has a perspective, (2) everyone has a culture, and (3) everyone has a responsibility to promote social justice. Units focus on the development of culture, and making connections between our country's cultural diversity, with ethnicity at the global level.



REACH for Kids Seed Curriculum

Building Global Bridges

Project REACH Teacher Guide

High School REACH



Middle School

Middle/Junior High School High School

Description Provides a model for integrating the disciplines and infusing lessons and activities with multicultural/global perspectives. The curriculum contains a unit at each grade level, K-6, incorporating a variety of academic disciplines, building self-esteem and human relations skills and developing multicultural/global awareness and skills. Provides two units of lessons and activities that are designed around the following basic principles for developing student diversity leadership skills:
  • Everyone has a perspective.
  • Everyone has a culture.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to promote social justice.
The first unit, "Cultural Identity," focuses on students exploring their own personal cultural, then moves on to learning about other cultures. The second unit, "Building Global Bridges," teaches students about the connection between the three societies we all live in, which include: (1) a multiethnic society, (2) a multicultural society, and (3) a global society.
Provides lessons and activities to prepare students to live effectively and positively within a culturally diverse world. The guide attempts to influence students at two levels - information and attitudes - by invoking them in activities in phases:
  • Cultural Self-Awareness
  • Cross-Cultural Experience
  • Communication Skills
  • Multicultural Knowledge
Provides an easy to follow model for infusing multicultural concepts into existing curriculum. There are sample lessons in nearly all subject areas to provide clear examples for high school educators. Other sections of the manual include rationale for getting started in multicultural education; a self-assessment instrument useful for examining the "hidden curriculum," and an annotated bibliography.


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Multicultural Materials

Multicultural Read-Aloud Kit, 2nd Edition

Ethnic Perspectives Series (EPS)




Description A newly expanded version of the user-friendly Teacher Guide to selected multicultural books is now available. The description of each book includes a brief synopsis, hints to the teacher, discussion questions and follow-up activities. The Multicultural Read-Aloud Kit is a must for every faculty room; so that teachers will have ready access to these wonderful Read-Alouds (Books not included; however, many titles may already be in your school library). The "Ethnic Perspectives Series (EPS)," accompanies the implementation of Project REACH. However, the series is a rich resource of historical and contemporary information for all readers that is not generally found in most text books.

EPS Books

This set of six student books presents United States history from diverse ethnic points of view. The set includes the following titles:


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