Welcome to the New REACH Center

For more than 30 years the REACH Center, a nationally-recognized non-profit organization, has positioned itself as one of the most respected establishments to provide cultural diversity services. The Center specializes in providing these services to agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. The REACH Center is able to carry out its work through the utilization of its cadre of nationally certified trainers. There are over 250 nationally certified REACH trainers located throughout the United States and Australia who have established records in public speaking, group facilitation, program and curriculum development, as well as conducted research and training in the area of multicultural education and ethnic history.

About the REACH Center

The REACH Center assists agencies with strategic planning and training for:
  • individuals, young and old alike, to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to function in a culturally and racially diverse world.
  • educational institutions, businesses and communities to value the human diversity that is found within their educational and/or workplace environments.
Through its quality services, the Center creates learning experiences for schools and districts which inspire and empower people to participate in their own personal growth, as well as involve them in activities that:
  • Connect participants with current concepts, resources and information.
  • Promote cultural self-awareness and understanding.
  • Examine the basic components and the historical, institutional power of the "isms" -racism, sexism, elitism, etc.
  • Engage in cross-cultural learning activities which help gain in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of different ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Provide a conceptual framework and practical strategies for dealing effectively with implementing multicultural concepts and activities into schools and classrooms through the use of age-appropriate curricula.

The REACH Vision Statement

We are committed to systemic social change and the development of schools and communities which honor and value human diversity.


"I witnessed children's self-esteem elevate as a result of their involvement with the REACH curriculum. I saw their academic achievement levels rise. Children who feel valued and worthwhile are children better ready, and able, to learn." -Diana Garcia, Principal, Highline School District; Burien, WA

"The REACH Center processes and curriculum materials for multicultural education are the best. I have worked in this field for a quarter of a century and I find that the REACH principles and practices help immensely in creating substantive community change." -Dr. Sandra Mangano, Educational Consultant and Former Principal, Philadelphia, PA

"REACH has a track record of success. The Center has helped hundreds of school districts respond to the diversity issues within their local communities, and beyond, in a way that builds co-responsibility." -Robin Butterfield, National Education Association

Comments from Workshop Participants

"Best staff development I've attended in my 8 years of teaching." -Omaha, NE

"This wasn't just getting 'stuff' - these are TOOLS, thanks." -Neligh, NE

"Very welcoming, non-threatening atmosphere." -Pittsburgh, PA

"I was awakened and touched by the presenters. They made me feel that I do have a responsibility to be aware of all students needs and differences." -King of Prussia, PA

"I did my first cultural fair this year - I was amazed by what they (the students) did and feel it was one of the most successful educational experiences I've ever facilitated!" -Columbus, OH

"An idea of where to start and materials to start with and build upon - I don't feel like we will have to start from scratch! Thank you!" -Omaha, NE


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The REACH Center and WWU's Woodring College co-sponsored the 1 st Annual Conference, Building Capacity for Educational Equity & Organizational Change. Read More

We are excited to announce that we have confirmed keynote speakers for our June 26-28 Summer Institute: Sonia Nieto, Wayne Au, and Karen Dade!

REACH Events

calendar Feb. 22 & Mar. 1, 2013
An Early Childhood Approach to Multicultural Education. This expanded version of REACH focuses on the early years, birth to age 8.

The 2nd Annual Conference for Building Capacity for Educational Equity & Organizational Change: Resistence, Resilence, and Renewal.
calendar June 26-28, 2013

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